China Creative Collective


CHINA CREATIVE COLLECTIVE is a hub platform for senior think-alike entertainment professionals willing to work in synergy, with the objective to increase their business reach for maximizing their stakeholders’ ROI. CHINA CREATIVE COLLECTIVE is a strategic alliance between China based entertainment executives with complementary skills, experiences and networks. Members share a vision, intelligence, clients, networks.

CHINA CREATIVE COLLECTIVE contributes to the Chinese entertainment field’ strength & growth by providing high-level consulting and business development expertise from its members.

CHINA CREATIVE COLLECTIVE members work with/in the following entertainment fields: AR MR VR XR, arenas, artistic installations, branded content, cinema & television's films, concert halls, cultural exhibitions & festivals, games, live shows, movie multiplexes, museums, OTT, radios & television broadcasters, stadiums, theatres, theme parks and any other entertainment fields.


Ivan CHAN, licensing & merchandising agent
Allen Van DAM, independent film producer
Vincent FISCHER, entertainment agent
Alex ZHANG, independent film producer